Border Security is National Security

We need to secure our borders and build the wall on our southern border to stop the influx of illegal aliens, drugs, and criminal enterprises. 

The Mexican cartels are bringing tons of heroin and cocaine through our porous borders. They deliver it all throughout the United States. Violent gangs have infiltrated every state of the union, and more of them come through each year. It is time to take this issue seriously and stop using it as a “political football” each election season.

It is important that we know who is coming into our country, and why they are here. For too long, politicians in DC have used this issue as a fundraising tool without coming up with any real solutions. That needs to change.

Taxes & Spending

Tax Cuts Benefit All Taxpayers

We need to make the current tax cuts permanent and work towards a better taxing system, while at the same time drastically cutting the out-of-control government spending. 

The “roaring 20s” came about when President Calvin Coolidge informed all agencies that they would need to cut their budgets in half. Once that was accomplished, he and Congress worked to develop sweeping tax cuts that ushered in an era of great prosperity for the U.S. and the world. Tax cuts alone, while good for the average citizen, are only one part of the equation if we want to get this country back on the right footing. For too many years there has been a game of “kick the can down the road” when it comes to government spending, and it is beyond time that we elect people who will have “the buck stops here” attitude necessary to turn things around.

Once that is done, Congress can then work on a sweeping overhaul of the tax system that ensures everyone has skin in the game. I support a flat tax rate of 12% across the board.

Second Amendment

The Second Amendment “Shall Not Be Infringed”

The Second Amendment was specifically written to keep an overbearing government from being able to disarm us and impose its will on the citizenry. They had some experience with this, which is why this is the only right in the Constitution which says, “shall not be infringed.” There is no ambiguity there.

The Second Amendment, like the Constitution as a whole, is unique in history. Never has another government recognized the right of the populace to defend itself against all enemies foreign or domestic.

I am a lifetime NRA member, a lifetime member of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and other gun rights advocacy groups. The founders did not write the Second Amendment to mean that we would be able to hunt and protect our family from a burglar or robber. Self-defense – from anyone or anything – is a guaranteed protection in this country.

Energy Independence

Energy Independence is National Security and Provides Thousands of Jobs

The U.S. has enough natural resources to be energy independent, as well as become one of the world’s top energy exporters. 

I believe a combination of oil, clean coal and renewable energy sources, including nuclear, will ensure this nation remains self-sufficient, and will no longer be at the mercy of nations who do not have our best interests at heart.


We Need to Rebuild a Strong Military for National Security

Over the last decade, we have allowed our military readiness to lapse. Bringing the armed forces back to strength will take time and money. Giant strides have been made in the last two years toward repairing our military. We need to support our military and make it the most powerful in the world. Peace through strength.


Healthcare is Not a Right

The Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) has proven to be the failure it was designed to be. It is time to eliminate Obamacare and return that 1/6 of our economy to the free market. This will expand choices to the people when it comes to their healthcare. Competition lowers costs and allows the consumer to choose what they need, instead of being dictated by government mandates to carry coverage they do not need.

There is, of course, a need for the Medicaid/Medicare systems. These should be audited for fraud and waste, which will make them more effective for those who truly need them.

Bottom line: We must have more freedom to choose the coverage we need, to be able to take that coverage with us no matter who we work for and to get the government out of the equation when it comes to healthcare decisions.


Our Veterans Need to Receive the Benefits They’ve Earned

I am a veteran, and I support veterans. However, I have first-hand knowledge of the abuses. It seems that the Veteran’s Administration went from denying all benefits to veterans to now denying benefits to those who deserve benefits and allowing benefits to those who do not. The VA needs to be overhauled. There are too many veterans falling through the cracks.


We Need a Return to Common Sense

I believe there needs to be a fundamental change in Washington D.C. toward common sense. For too long, the same people have been making the same arguments, and the country has suffered for it. It is time for new and fresh ideas . . . common sense ideas . . . in our nation’s capital. If elected, I believe I can make a positive difference for my constituents, and I humbly ask for your support.

God bless you and God bless America.

Thank you.

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