Keith Speaks at the Stand For Liberty Rally in Ellensburg, WA on June 14, 2020

Emcee: Keith Swank, folks! [applause]

Keith: Thank you very much, Jessica. Hello. My name is Keith Swank. It’s Keith R. Swank and I’m running to Keep the Republic Safe.

I’m a candidate for the United States 8th Congressional District House of Representatives. I am a United States Army Airborne Infantry veteran and I’m a 30-year veteran Commander of the Seattle Police Department. [applause] You can clap any time you want, thank you so much! [applause continues]

Right now I am a Captain in the Police Department and I am in charge of the Metro Special Response section which means I oversee the swat team, the arson and bomb squad, harbor patrol, and the K9 unit. It’s a very rewarding job to have, but we are having a very difficult time right now, so we do encourage all of your prayers and we appreciate it.

I am a Christian, pro-life, pro-second amendment, pro-military, pro-law enforcement, pro-President Trump constitutional conservative. [applause]

I have been wearing my uniform my entire adult life defending America and our communities and I would defend your values in Washington DC. [applause] Thank you!

President Trump was elected because he made promises to us, and one of the promises he made, his cornerstone promise, was border security, and he’s been along the way from keeping his promises to you. Listen, folks, border security is necessary for national security. [applause] You can clap any time, thank you so much! [applause continues] We need to have a physical wall on our southern border so that we can keep out the drug cartels, drugs, violent gang members, human trafficking from crossing our border.

Each year, over 60,000 Americans die from opioid overdoses. Most of that, drugs come from our southern border. So folks, when the Democrats say they care about people, then if they cared about people, they’d build a wall to stop all that illegal drug activity coming across our border and killing our people. [applause]

Second, we need to make sure to send people back to Washington DC who are strong supporters of the Second Amendment. In 2018, I ran for United States Senate. I went around the state talking out against initiative 1639, telling people how we should not put gun owners against each other. Our founders were very wise when they wrote the Second Amendment. They knew they didn’t write the Second Amendment so that we would have the right to hunt and take care of our families. That was a given. They wrote the Second Amendment so that we could keep an overbearing, tyrannical government from putting it’s boot on our neck. [applause] That’s why the Second Amendment’s there. And our concealed carry permit is the Second Amendment. We don’t need to go someplace and get permission to carry guns. That’s our god-given right. That’s a constitutional right and it’s because of the Second Amendment is why we enjoy all other amendments. [applause] Thank you, folks, very much.

I’m just going to be real quick. We need to talk about energy independence. President Trump’s moving us towards energy independence, which is wonderful. It provides thousands of well-paying jobs and it makes no sense for us to buy energy or fuel from foreign countries that turn around and use that money to fund terrorism. So we need to maintain energy independence. [applause]

We also need to make our tax cuts permanent, that President Trump initiated, and we should even go farther with that. We should have no payroll taxes in America until at least the end of this year so that people could put more money in their pockets and businesses could put more money into their businesses.

And lastly, COVID-19 shutdown is unconstitutional. We should open up our businesses immediately. People are dying. It’s causing health concerns people are having. Suicide rates are up. Domestic violence from being left at home with predators. All of this stuff is having a negative effect on America. Open up America right away.

My name is Keith Swank. Keith R. Swank. And I’m running to Keep the Republic Safe. I need your support. We need some money. We need your time. If the message resonates, if you help us get the message out, we could take back the 8th from Kim Schrier. Follow me on Facebook, Keith Swank for America. We’ll be doing a live feed tomorrow night.

God bless you. God bless America. [applause]

Emcee: Thank you, Keith! Alright!

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