Watch Keith on The Exceptional Conservative Show® featuring Kenneth McClenton to discuss his campaign, impeachment, veterans, the national debt, immigration and national security.

The Exceptional Conservative Network® (TECN®) is an Internet Media innovation. Broadcasting from the Nation’s Capital Washington, DC, they focus on their principles of Christ, Capitalism, Conservatism and the United States Constitution. Their mission is simply to educate citizens, promote public policy and mobilize voters on essential conservative principles. Their topics span the breadth and depth of issues regarding individual and family sovereignty, economics, education, governance and public policy and Faith. TECN's live shows offer an "unaltered" and "uncensored" platform for audiences and guests to safely convey their thoughts, opinions, and feelings on issues and events of the day.

TECN® offers a unique urban perspective on the cultural foundations of traditional American values. They are spreading the Good News of Conservatism to Marketplaces and to Societies both Free and Static. The live audience grows daily in size and stature from the insights of exceptional guests like Political Islam's Dr. Bill Warner, National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) CEO and Former Congressman Col. Allen West, Pro-Life Civil Rights Activist Dr. Alveda King, Macro-Economist Dr. Brooks Robinson, Foreign and Military Policy Specialist Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, Ludwig von Mises' Economist Mark Thornton and many others!

They are building the world's first 24 hours / 7 days a week urban conservative programming. They are internationally renowned as “The Most Influential Urban Conservative Talk Network in the World”. Their acclaim and popularity grow daily thanks to tremendous guests, an extraordinary audience, and entertaining hosts. Listened to on the seven continents of the world, TECN® is expanding conservative thought and opinion into large Urban American Marketplaces. Their formats offer cultural leaders and advocates access to over 200,000 listeners daily. They simulcast and re-air our TECN® television broadcasts through and many other Internet and social media venues.

Paid for by Friends of Keith Swank
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